A Beginners Introduction to Shiatsu

Individuals feeling stressed or overwhelmed are invited to reclaim a calm, health-oriented life with the Asian healing art of shiatsu. The International School of Shiatsu (ISS) is offering the class, Beginners Intro to Shiatsu, from 7 to 10 p.m., June 6, 13, 20 and 27.

“Health and wellness is our birthright, but not everyone claims it,” says ISS Director Shirley Scranta. She encourages people to, “Name it to claim it,” and notes that ISS is offering Natural Awakenings readers a one-time 50 percent discount on the class during June and July.

Shiatsu uses pressure points to balance the body’s energy flow and foster optimal health. The ISS was founded in 1978 to train, nurture and support students and health and bodywork professionals, as well as provide shiatsu and shiatsu shin Tai sessions to the general public. “The ISS offers opportunities for personal, heart-centered wellness and new career choices,” says Scranta. “Shiatsu helps real people—I like to say there is something for everyone.”

Cost: $289. Location: Landmark Bldg., 10 S. Clinton St., Ste. 300, Doylestown. For more information, call 215-340-9918, e-mail LearnShiatsu@gmail.com or visit Shiatsubo.com.

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