The First National Bank Sponsors Middletown Grange Fair

The First National Bank, Bucks County’s oldest and most established community bank, is sponsoring the 64th annual Middletown Grange Fair, which takes place from August 15 to 19, in Wrightstown. The fair highlights the agricultural roots and farming culture of Bucks County, with three large exhibition barns filled with more than 4,000 booths featuring arts and crafts, home products, hay and grain, antique tractors and more than 500 farm animals raised by Bucks County’s active 4-H members.

Set up in Commercial Tent C, The First will host a coupon booth with great prize giveaways. For both borrowers and investors, The First aims to personalize financial solutions. Independent and committed to the local community, the bank reinvests the deposits it receives from local businesses, local mortgages and local people. The First will also educate anyone interested in the options that can help them meet his or her short and long-term financial needs.

Location: Middletown Grange, #684 Fairgrounds, 576 Penns Park Rd., Wrightstown. For more information, call 215-860-9100 or visit

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