Toxin-free and Sustainable Products


Narelle Chenery founded Miessence in 2001, developing an extensive range of products for skin, hair and body care, plus nutritional superfoods and cosmetics made in a way that meets international food-grade, organic standards. Chenery will lead two workshops, starting with Toxin-free Personal Care & Superfood Nutrition, from 2 to 3:30 p.m., followed by Sustainable Business Partnership with Miessence, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. , August 26, at the office of Trilutions Real Estate Group, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“People are becoming increasingly aware of the potentially hazardous chemicals in so many of the products we use daily,” comments Event Coordinator Lacey Swartz. “They want safe and sustainable alternatives but are often frustrated by misleading marketing claims. In addition to toxins, people are also concerned about nutrient depletion in our food systems and are seeking ways to return to real food sources of nutrition.”

Chenery has spent more than a decade researching and developing personal
care products that are truly organic—including how the ingredients are grown,
extracted, processed, preserved, bottled and labeled—ensuring that organic food
standards are upheld at every step of the process. Recently, she has turned her attention to maximizing the nutritional benefits of organic superfoods.

Location: 1960 Rte. 70 E. Register at, or for more information, call Sheri Kurdakul at 609-510-9156 or e-mail

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