ADD/ADHD and Cognitive Learning Difficulty

Earth Foods, of Holicong, is sponsoring a free seminar on ADD/ADHD and Cognitive Learning Difficulties featuring Dr. Phil Pappas, the former director of the Abington ADD Program. The seminar will take place at Earth Foods from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on September 26.

Pappas has been helping individuals with learning problems for over 10 years. He has always had a drug-free approach for ADD/ADHD and learning disability treatment. According to Pappas, “There are many well-studied, successful non-drug interventions for ADD/ADHD including biofeedback and supplementation. Problems of focus and memory are often controlled with supplements and many individuals respond well to training interventions and supplements.” During this seminar, learn about the long-term health problems and dangers that pharmaceuticals can cause and also about new help for adults with worsening memory problems and dementia.

Pappas, who has recently been certified as a Community Health Educator, has training in biofeedback and has lectured extensively at Abington Hospital on ADD/ADHD. He currently sees individuals with learning and memory difficulties at his Holicong practice.

Cost: Free. Location: Earth Foods, Buckingham Green Shopping Center, Holicong. For required reservations call 215-794-5311. For more information, visit


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