Local Article: Move it! Tips for Adding More Movement to Your Day

  • Put the ‘mobile’ back in mobile phone. Checking in with friends or family members? Put on a hands free device and walk while you talk.
  • Think ordinary. Consider everyday chores as opportunities for motion. Take out the trash, wash your own car, park farther away in the parking lot, and take the stairs. It all counts.
  • Stand up. When sitting for extended periods, move five minutes every hour. Walk around the office. Go talk to a co-worker instead of emailing them.
  • Just walk. The simplest, most accessible exercise is walking. It’s low-impact, flexible and almost anyone can do it.
  • Make it a priority. When you write your to-do list, put exercise on it.
  • Get over yourself. If you abandon self-consciousness, you can always find the time to move. Do squats in your kitchen. Do lunges on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game. Dance in your office. Go for it.
  • Keep track. It can be motivating to set goals. Try motivational technology. Yes, there is an app for that.
  • Commit and tell. Promise yourself you will do 15 minutes of movement a day. Then tell someone about it so you’re accountable.
  • Forgive yourself. Never have an all or nothing attitude. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Lauren Eckstein is a freelance writer in New Hope, PA, January 2013.

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