Letter from Publisher, February 2013

I am honored and delighted to serve as the publisher of the Bucks and Montgomery counties’ edition of Natural Awakenings as it begins its fourth year. Joining forces with our local natural living community at this exciting milestone carries a renewed sense of purpose as we move forward together. 2013 is already flush with progress.

PublisherA recent family trip to Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, has me thinking about the importance of relationships. As I watched my twin girls, age 5, negotiate each new experience, I smiled to see them consistently encouraging and supporting one another through times of uncertainty. They learned more about their own strengths and I realized how they have truly become each other’s best friend. Their bond has proved an incredible blessing to the whole family.

As Lauren Eckstein observes in her piece, “Girlfriends for Health,” good relationships are good medicine for everyone, especially among women. I see this firsthand through my daughters as they establish their friendship in childhood, which will continue as a meaningful touchstone for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been thinking about the secret of sound relationships. I believe that the most vital and overlooked relationship is the one we have with ourself. We need to be our own best friend before we can truly befriend anyone else.

How many of us sacrifice doing essential kindnesses for ourself? It may be treating ourself to a massage, mindful nutrition or something else we are passionate about (for example, Marie Jackson’s work). Do we consistently hold good thoughts about ourselves and nurture our spirit with regular periods of quiet contemplation?

Committing to moving beyond self-criticism to valuing our worthiness to receive all good is a life-affirming decision. Why not be delighted with the one person with whom we are sure to always keep company?

Shine on,

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