Letter from Publisher, March 2013

Plants are wonderful teachers. When we pay attention to their simple needs, they respond by growing naturally and generously offering us their special gifts. When their basic needs aren’t met, they wilt or grow yellow, silently asking for succor.

PublisherI have conducted many experiments in my home, with some success. One of these involved water kefir grains supplied by my sister. For a while I couldn’t get them to grow. Then a friend suggested that to cultivate a healthy colony of grains, one must consciously add the energy of tender loving care. Once I understood this, I started to tend the cultures in a more nurturing way and within a week was rewarded with reproducing grains and a healthier colony.

The needs of the human spirit work in a similar way — if neglected, we can fail to thrive. The good news is that the life force in both plants and people is resilient and forgiving. It’s good to pause often and ponder: “Is the garden of my life well watered? What ingredient is it craving? What tiny little step can I make right now to enhance its magnificence?”

Like me, you are likely learning that applying consistent rays of attention, even among the busiest hours of our days, can pay off in wonderful ways. You will find plenty of fresh, sustainable ideas to consider in this issue as you continue to create a healthy and happy life filled with delicious possibilities.

Spread sunlight on your spirit and magnify the glory,

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