Locals Offer Tips on How to Sustain Happiness

The illusive happiness that one seeks is truly accessible at any given moment. It is a state; a way of being that can be created when awareness becomes primary; when finding the emotion of pleasure, contentment and joy becomes important in every moment. Often, as we rush around, getting tasks done and moving at a quick pace, it seem unattainable. Yet it is possible to be happy with just a shift in perspective. How is that done? By seeking and finding wonder each day, knowing that something is always going well and moving towards joy. It may be only one thing at times, but it is there, awaiting attention.

Excerpt from “Happiness! How does one cultivate this?” by Lyn Hicks, Harmony Hill Gardens. To read more, visit NABuxMont.com.
1. Take Care of Yourself. Do something to relax and/or increase your wellness at least once a week if not something daily.

2. Notice the little things and let them matter, if only for a moment. Really see how the sun comes through the new leaves or how the butterfly moves from one place to another. Watch your dog sleep or bound around in the yard being happy just because. Allow it in and smile!

Tracy McGovern, Essential Connections, EssentialConnections.biz. See listing, page 36.
When things are falling apart it is still OK to laugh. As the world seems to be in greater turmoil every day, it is all that more important that we express love, friendship, and community. I believe that the universe conspires in our favor, even when we don’t see it. Next time you start to judge something or someone, stop and reframe for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, “there is gold in them there hills!” Be in the fullness of all the joys and sorrows life brings. For me, loving ourselves and each other through it is the key to living a life of joy and freedom. In fact, it may be the only way the world will change.

Dr. Susan Burger, DC, Riverside Chiropractic & Vitality Center. LiveWithVitality.com
Make it a priority each day to be mindful of all that there is to be grateful for in life. This way of thinking allows for more abundance. Although challenging, try maintaining a balanced lifestyle by allowing time to enjoy, like spending time with family, friends, and or engaging in activities that inspire and or create joy. Take time out each day for breaks to replenish energy. Stay true to oneself and follow what is in the heart.

Nicole Ricchetti,N.Ricchetti@yahoo.com. See listing, page 36.

Be present in the moment. This simply means to stop and be aware. Be aware that the simplest things in life, a smile from a stranger, the beauty of nature, the colorful food on your plate, the quiet moment with all its wonder!

Carrie Wiedemann, Alternative Health & Beauty. CarrieWiedemann@hotmail.com. See ad, page 33.

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