Nothing like pick-your-own

Pick-Your-Own season has started. Why should you consider this form of grocery shopping? Scroll down for our top 5 reasons.


1. It makes you get out and enjoy nature with your friends, your family, a stranger, or just yourself.

2. The taste! Have you done a side-by-side comparison? Grocery store fruit is grown to be touch. Picked by yourself at peak ripeness just tastes better!

3. It generally costs less than going to the store.

4. It’s easier on the environment. You won’t need to travel far to the orchard. At least it’s not coming from thousands of miles away or even from another country.

5. Lastly, picking fresh and eating fresh means more nutrients. And we all like getting more nutrients.

Bonus reason – you are buying local, supporting a local farmer, a local family, and supporting the local economy.

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