Energizing Qi Activation Wellness Conference in Philadelphia

Interview Pt 1 HeaderQigong practitioner Jeff Primack, the founder of Supreme Science Qigong, is leading a seminar, Qi Activation, based upon his experiences and feedback from the 40,000 attendees that have attended any of his previous 65 Qi Revolution seminars. The seminar runs from September 14 to 17 at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Led by Primack and 25 other instructors, Qi Activation includes group qigong practice and focuses on food-healing protocols, including an hour-long presentation each on his protocols for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. With more of a medical approach than its predecessor, this seminar includes qigong foot reflexology, as well as qigong breathing techniques that activate qi biologically.

The seminar is non-denominational and open to all people, with 32 continuing education hours available to massage therapists and 24 professional development activity hours available to acupuncturists.

Cost: $129 for 4 days. Location: 1101 Arch St., Philadelphia. For more information, call 800-298-8970 or visit QiActivation.com

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