Down To Earth Cafe Profile

photo (1)Down to Earth Cafe (DTEC) is a casual dining experience located in the heart of Upper Bucks County. DTEC creates flavorful food using fresh ingredients, many sourced from local farms, served in a warm, friendly environment.

“We are about supporting our local farms and showcasing the talents of our local artisans and entrepreneurs, all while providing delicious and fresh food,” says owner Ryman Maxwell. “We want to give small businesses a platform in our town of Perkasie. Eating at Down to Earth Cafe means you are supporting local food, craftsmen and merchants.”

Diners eat on beautiful wood furniture, created by hand from old barn wood by a local artisan. The walls of the cafe are decorated with pieces from talented local artists. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, DTEC offers gluten-free menu options and makes 100 percent natural fruit smoothies.

Down to Earth Cafe is located at 1141 North 5th St., Perkasie. For more information, call 215-258-2233. 

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