Supreme Science Qigong at Greenshire

Greenshire Arts Consortium will host an Introduction to Supreme Science Qigong course from noon to 2 p.m., November 9. Ongoing Saturday classes, from noon to 1:15 p.m., will continue in the weeks following this seminar.

“Supreme Science Qigong is a unique qigong style that is believed to accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, building energy through increasing vital qi in the meridians of the body,” says certified qigong instructor Aura Rose. In the seminar,
she will explain the science of qi and teach students the form, assisting them in expanding their ability to develop qi and accelerate the body’s healing processes. “All a person needs is to allow relaxation and to be sincerely open to the qi,” she says.

Cost: $20. Location: Greenshire Arts Consortium, 3620 Sterner
Mill Rd., Quakertown. For more information, call 215-538-0976
or visit November 2013.

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