New Transformative Services at Christi International

christiphotocrgChristi International Teaching Centre, in Doylestown,
has added two transformative services to its offerings.
Guided by experts, Susan DeLorenzo’s Past Life Regression and Marion McGowen’s Unlocking Cellular Memory can facilitate the breaking of old, unwanted patterns and bring participants into greater alignment with new possibilities and opportunities.

DeLorenzo, a Reiki master with more than 20 years of experience, utilizes
her energy connection to amplify the benefits of past life regression, which
include releasing limiting beliefs, healing abandonment issues and raising self esteem. As an energy pioneer with more than 30 years of extensive training, McGowen works to release emotional and energetic wounds lying dormant in the
body. As she unlocks these cellular memories, she helps provide freedom from
past traumas, hurts or abuse.

Location: Christi International, 252 W. Swamp Rd., Ste. 37, Doylestown. For more
information, call 267-263-2747 or visit November 2013.

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