Quick Tips to Easing a Child’s Cold

While it is not always possible to avoid a cold—particularly in younger
children—there are many ways to help alleviate symptoms.

Ginger, for example, is an anti-inflammatory herb that warms the respiratory tract. Ginger tea with honey can help while fresh ginger can also be added to many

foods. Fresh garlic protects against several cold viruses. Use it raw in hummus, dressings or roasted vegetables.

High Vitamin D levels can protect against influenza. The U.S. Institute of Health recommends 400 IU for children under 12 months and 600 IU for children over a year.

Finally, grandma was right: wear a scarf when outside in cold weather.

Dr. Adriana Moise is an integrative pediatrician who believes in a holistic
healing approach that examines all areas of a patient’s lifestyle, including a
healthy mind and body. She practices at Integrative Pediatrics, LLC in Quakertown. November 2013.

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