Hakomi Counseling at Greenshire

Licensed psychotherapist and holistic counselor Barbara Gordon is now offering
Hakomi counseling at her office at Greenshire Arts Consortium, in Quakertown.
The Hakomi method is a body-centered, experiential method based on the Eastern
principles of nonviolence and compassion, various Western psychologies and

recent brain research. Rather than being limited to intellectual problem solving, Hakomi focuses on experientially uncovering the limiting beliefs from the past that keep people stuck, closed or shut down.

“I believe there is a natural force inside everyone that wants to move us toward wholeness and integration,” says Gordon, a licensed marriage and family therapist who trained in the Hakomi method for 10 years. “Hakomi is a holistic therapy with a spiritual perspective that helps clients listen deeply to their bodies, minds
and souls to open to a more authentic and happy life.”

Location: Greenshire Arts Consortium, 3620 Sterner Mill Rd., Quakertown. For more information, call 215-538-0976 or visit GreenshireArts.org. November 2013.

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