Bikram Yoga Comes to Doylestown

molly mitnickLocated at the Shoppes at Blueberry Hill, at 1717 S. Easton Road, Doylestown, Bikram Yoga Doylestown is due to open its doors in mid-January. The studio will offer eighteen classes per week. One-on-one sessions will also be available.

Bikram yoga comprises a series of 26 yoga postures and two breathing techniques practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Each class lasts 90 minutes and is designed to work every muscle, system, gland and cell of the body. The heat is believed to benefit the body by increasing flexibility, detoxification and mental clarity.

Studio director Molly Mitnick says, “This yoga has made me a better person, a stronger person inside and out and I cannot wait to create a community in Doylestown where I can see others experience the same transformation every

For a limited time, Bikram Yoga Doylestown is running a pre-sale promotion of 10 percent off all class cards and monthly memberships, which can be purchased by calling the studio.

For more information, call 570-977-6689, email or visit January 2014.

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