Bellabaci Method of Modern Cupping Workshop

bellabacciCarrie Wiedemann hosts a workshop on the Bellabaci Method of Modern Cupping, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., February 1, at LaSalle University Bucks County Center, in Newtown. Participants will learn the cupping method, which is used to relieve sore muscles and provides a method for facials and cellulite treatment.

The workshop is geared toward massage therapists, skin care professionals and individuals wanting to learn this form of self-care. “Everyone that has worked with the cups loves them,” affirms Wiedemann, national director of training and sales at Bellabaci. “Massage therapists really recognize how beneficial they are.”

The Bellabaci system is an ancient technique that consists of two silicone cups designed to eliminate stagnation in the body, strengthen metabolism and improve muscle function and the skin’s elasticity.

Cost: $185. Location: 33 University Dr., Newtown. For more information, call
267-357-3525, email or visit January 2014.

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