HeartMath Inner Balance App Reduces Stress

HeartMath graphicThe Institute of HeartMath has conducted more than 20 years of research on how stress and emotions affect the body. Conclusions of the research suggest that the quality of the emotion and our reaction to stress affects how our body responds. HeartMath’s emWave technology uses infrared light to measure the beat-to-beat changes of the heart rate over time; that is, the variance in the rise and fall of the heart rate. This tool helps users prevent, manage and reverse the effects of stress.

HeartMath’s newest product, Inner Balance, uses this technology in a mobile application on personal Apple devices. A sensor clips to the user’s ear to transmit the heart rhythm pattern to the app. It also incorporates a breathing pacer and on-screen coaching, all tools that enable the user to consciously change their physiology to a healthier state, termed “coherent” by the founders of HeartMath.

Creators of the Inner Balance app say it can help users change their reactions to stress, gain insight on shifting moods and create a more positive outlook on life. Consistent use should help them lessen the effects of stress and change their reactions to stressful situations in the future.

Inner Balance is available at HeartMath.com or Amazon.com. February 2014.

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