17 Ways to repurpose old magazines

When we are asked about the number of copies we print, the next natural question that we are asked is what do we do with the copies that are not picked up? Our delivery people are required to pick up any old copies that they can. Sometimes it isn’t possible because the establishment is closed when they arrive to replace the old with the current copies. However, after they pick up the old copies, they are given back to us and we give them out to as many people as possible until they are all given out. One way that we do this is at events.

We also hear at these events, “You’re the ones who are responsible with the stack of magazines I have in my family room! We save them because they’re full of great information.” That’s so wonderful and is what makes publishing this magazine worthwhile.

But, we’re quite certain that you may have some other magazines that you might not want anymore and we found this list on what you can do with some of those old publications that you’re not going to read anymore. Click here to read on.

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