Coaches Corner: Lisa Santa Barbara

In our September 2014 issue, we highlighted some local coaches, mentors and therapists in Coaches Corner.

Total Serenity Coaching

Coach Lisa Santa Barbara has been a spa and wellness professional since 2001. As a licensed massage therapist and certified professional coach, she is able to help her clients through massage and empowerment coaching that enables them to take control of their own lives. Her specialties include empowerment coaching, transition coaching and spa and wellness business coaching.

Santa Barbara believes in the transformational power of coaching. With the help of her own coach, she saw great success that led to a stronger sense of self and confidence. Because of this, she is committed to helping others prosper in the tranquil environment at Total Serenity Coaching.

“I love coaching because of how effective it is in transforming the lives of others. I get so excited every time I have the opportunity to help someone,” enthuses Santa Barbara. “My clients tell me that I have a natural ability to put others at ease. I am highly intuitive and have excellent listening skills.”

September 2014.

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1 thought on “Coaches Corner: Lisa Santa Barbara

  1. In my honest opinion ,Lisa has excellent skills in this field of coaching.
    Thank you so much Lisa, and good luck to you!

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