OCTOBER 2014: Sustainable Communities, Table of Contents

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  • Esteemed Local Experts in Natural Medicine
  • Taking the Fear Out of Dental Visits
  • Sustainability in Action: The Doylestown Food Co-Op
  • Making Homemade Yogurt is Easy
  • Fibro, Fog and Fatigue
    Dr. Farhan Tahir Empowers Sufferers to Reclaim Their Vitality
  • My Big, Audacious Challenge (Part 1)
  • Find the Best Chiropractor for You


  • Bridge Acupuncture Celebrates Anniversary with Tea Tasting and Demo
  • Holistic Health Extravaganza in New Egypt
  • Yoga/Meditation Center Offers New Workshops
  • Essential Oils Events Presented by Inner Spa
  • Holiday Cooking Series
  • Meet the New Chiropractic Team at Elite Chiropractic
  • Inner Light Holistic Expo
  • Healthy is Delicious Local Detox Program
  • Shop N Spa Day in Southampton
  • Good Gifts Guide Supports Local Farms and Businesses
  • Replacing Full-Mouth Dental X-Rays with Low-Radiation 3D Scans
  • Wholistic Women’s Weight Loss Program
  • Grand Opening of World Wellness Health Institute


  • Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating Colorful Veggies
  • Energy Efficiency Improves Family Health


  • Household Hazards
  • Doable Renewables
  • False Alarm


  • Dr. Andrew Weil
    on America’s Evolution into Integrative Medicine
  • Sustainable Cityscapes
    Urban America is Going Green in a Big Way


  • An A for Apples


  • Trick & Treat
    Host a Halloween that’s Natural, Healthy and Cost-Conscious


  • Pumpkin Puree Soup


  • Dynamic Duo
    Combining Chiropractic and Acupuncture Energizes Health

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