Bridge Acupuncture Celebrates Anniversary with Tea Tasting and Demo

Bridge Acupuncture is celebrating its five-year anniversary since moving from Brooklyn, New York to Doylestown, Pennsylvania. To commemorate, acupuncturists Grace Rollins and Paolo Propato are partnering with Nonno’s Cafe to provide a free tea tasting and demonstrations designed to explore the health-giving and meditative aspects of tea, from 1 to 3 p.m., October 26.

“Tea culture plays a big role in Eastern meditative, martial and healing arts,” says Rollins, owner of Bridge Acupuncture. “As martial artists and traditional acupuncturists, Paolo and I get very excited about tea and its many benefits for body, mind and spirit. We’re good friends with Nonno’s, so celebrating our anniversary there with a party that brings tea culture to the community seems perfect.”

At the tea tasting, in addition to offering samples of a variety of quality loose-leaf teas from Nonno’s, Rollins and Propato plan to demonstrate unique methods of consuming tea such as whisked Japanese matcha, Zen monastery-style tea, and Chinese kung fu tea. Rollins and Propato will be available to answer questions about tea and its relationship to acupuncture, meditation, and martial arts.

Bridge Acupuncture was named due to its proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge area of New York City. Rollins kept the name “Bridge” in order to emphasize the role acupuncture could play in helping patients overcome symptoms and regain natural health without reliance on drugs and surgery. This year also marked the clinic’s expansion with the addition of acupuncturist Propato.

Cost: Free. Location: Nonno’s Cafe, 6 E. State St., Doylestown. For more information, call 215-348-8058 or visit October 2014.

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