Holiday Cooking Series

Chef Lou Farrell, of Fresh Fun Foods, is offering a five-part series of cooking classes designed to provide students with a wide range of ideas and recipes to choose from when planning holiday events. The series runs for five weeks, every Wednesday from October 15 to November 12.

“People attending the series will leave with a full selection of new recipes, plus the confidence to prepare and serve a multi course meal to friends,” says Farrell. “And they will be able to have fun at their own party, rather than worrying about the food and drinks.”

Each class will cover a different course, from soups, appetizers, vegetarian main courses, meat and fish, all the way to desserts. Experienced cooks will gain new insight into the planning, structure and pacing of a multi-course meal. New cooks will be introduced to cooking techniques that will improve their daily cooking. All will gain an appreciation of how a professional chef designs and executes a menu that may seem complicated, but is actually simple to serve when the planning and shopping is done ahead.

Cost: $30 per class, $5 discount off each class when purchased as a whole series. Location: Fresh Fun Foods, 2240 E. Orvilla Rd., Hatfield. For more information, call 215-353-8947 or visit October 2014.

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