Help for Seasonal Dry Skin

by Candy St. Martine-Pack

For those with seasonal dry skin or eczema—not year-round, allergy-related or psoriasis—following these simple changes and improvements will heal, if not cure, skin.

  • Cut bathing time in half or do it less frequently. When it’s cold outside, we tend to take long, hot showers, which in turn can really dry skin out. The misconception is that it’s the heat of the water that causes dry skin issues. The fact is that water—whether hot or cold—can cause dry skin.
  • Use a healing moisturizer—preferably one without petroleum. Green Street Luxuries, a handmade, natural skin care store in Lansdale, created After Shower Moisturizing Cream, made to heal all dry skin issues.
  • Sweating causes bouts of dry, itchy skin. When exercising, wear loose, cotton-blend clothing.
  • Changing diet can help alleviate skin issues. For one week, go without the “white diet”—dairy, milk, cheese, gluten, white flour, sugar, white rice, etc.—and the “super foods”—kale, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. These foods can aggravate the digestive tract, causing inflammation and toxins to come out through the skin.
  • Change soap from cold press (Ivory, Dove, etc.) to glycerin, hot press soaps. Green Street Luxuries offers Tea Tree Antiseptic Soap (for sores) and Calendula Soap (made with extra moisturizers for dry skin issues).

Using better, more natural soaps and skin care products, along with the protocol above, will create a significant difference in skin—without the use of harsh drugs and chemical-based creams and lotions.

Candy St. Martine-Pack, C.A., is the owner and founder of Green Street Luxuries, a handmade, natural skin care store in Lansdale. Connect with her at 267-879-1554 or November 2014.

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