Custom Orthotics Now Available at Center for Natural Healing

Center for Natural Healing, of Doylestown, is now able to make custom orthotics to help with patients’ pain. Fastech Labs’ custom foot orthotics can help solve most foot support and performance problems such as heel, knee and lower back pain, as well as shin splints and plantar fasciitis. The technology has been available for over 30 years and is able to create custom foot orthotics more quickly and far less expensively than traditional methods.

“Center for Natural Healing is pleased to now offer this unique system to our patients and we are thrilled with the results we are achieving when compared to many of the other systems in use today,” enthuses Dr. Jeffrey Griffin, doctor of chiropractic at Center for Natural Healing.

Center for Natural Healing is offering Natural Awakenings readers the opportunity to bring in their old, worn-out orthotics and receive $50 off the cost of a new, custom pair.

To reserve a pair of custom orthotics, contact Dr. Griffin at 215-348-2115. Center for Natural Healing is located at the Bailiwick Office Campus, Ste. 26, Doylestown. For more information, visit December 2014.

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