Laughter Yoga Certified Leader Training

alexa drubayAlexa Drubay, of Laughter Yoga with Alexa, in Media, will offer Laughter Yoga certified leader training, February 21 and 22. Laughter Yoga (LY), which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing to release endorphins in the brain and boost the immune system.

The two-day LY training is open to those interested in bringing more joy to their lives, sharing laughter with others and developing their self-confidence and power within. Drubay will teach participants LY skills to help bring more joy into life, start up a laughter club in any community and lead LY presentations and workshops.

Participants will receive an official LY certificate from The Laughter Yoga International
University, a LY leader manual and a healthy vegetarian lunch each day of training. Also
included in registration is six months of free access to’s Prozone—a
wealth of professional resources and network to LY professionals around the world—plus two free e-books.

Cost: $300. For more information and location, call 215-478-5669, email or visit February 2015.

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