Pastured Chicken Shares Available From Hershberger Heritage Farm

HHF CSA-FlyerHershberger Heritage Farm is now offering shares in its pastured chicken CSA program, which runs for 26 weeks, from mid-May through mid-November. Members will get their choice of whole or cut-up, fresh, certified organic, pastured chicken. Sign-ups will continue throughout the summer, with late sign-ups being pro-rated for the remaining number of weeks in the season.

The farm offers three levels of shares. A small share includes one chicken per month for six months. A regular share includes one chicken every two weeks, for a total of 13 chickens. The largest share includes one chicken per week, for a total of 26 chickens. Custom share sizes are available upon request.

Hershberger Farm, run by husband and wife, Nathan and Shelah Layton, is now also offering a backyard chicken rental service, called Chicken Lenders. The program allows those interested to raise two to four egg-laying chickens in their own backyard, over four, 12 or 30 weeks—with materials and guidance provided by the farm.

Cost: $145/small share, $265/regular share, $530/large share. For more information, call 215-500-7301, email or visit March 2015.

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