Rent Chickens for Fresh Eggs in Your Own Backyard

hershberger chicken lendersHershberger Heritage Farm (HHF) is offering a backyard chicken rental service called Chicken Lenders—an opportunity to experience owning hens for fresh eggs daily. Participants can rent two or four chickens from between four to 30 weeks. HHF will provide expertise on chicken keeping and offer ongoing support throughout the process.

In addition to the chickens, every rental includes a small, mobile coop, waterer, feeder, bale of hay for bedding and nest material, feed, literature and access to HHF’s 24-hour Chicken Hotline, for any questions and concerns throughout the rental.

“It’s a learning experience for the whole family while evoking a unique bond with your food and the environment,” says Nathan Layton, owner and operator of HHF. “Adding chickens to your backyard completes the sustainable circle. The chickens eat the worms, bugs and garden pests, then fertilize the ground and provide you with eggs. The egg shells are put in your compost or garden and provide plants with much needed calcium.”

Cost for the program ranges from $130, for a four-week rental of two chickens, to a 30-week rental of four chickens for $640. They offer free delivery within 15 miles, with a small fee for delivery beyond that.

For more information, call 215-500-7301, email or visit April 2015.

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