Sustainable Home Renovations Made Easy

Eco Spotlight

by Michelle Bense

environmental home storeSince 2009, the Environmental Home Store (EHS), in Doylestown, has worked hard to make sustainable living and working accessible and affordable. All of their products for kitchen and bath remodeling are environmentally friendly, with free design help and installation available.

Owner Nick Cutrone took over the business in 2009 and started developing it into the home remodeling store that it is today. The original EHS began in 2005, selling flooring, paint, floor stains and finishes, and recycled glass and paper countertops.

Today, the store is a one-stop shop for kitchen and bath remodeling projects. They sell cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint, backsplashes, cork, bamboo, linoleum, laminate, recycled rubber, tile flooring, carpet, as well as roofing and deck supplies. Windows and sliding glass doors are also available for sale and installation.

“Most people don’t know that the paints, woods and carpets that they may purchase or have in their home can off-gas for 10 years,” says Cutrone. “The building material products they are using may have an effect on their health and indoor air quality.”

Cutrone’s mission is to make going green easy and cost effective. EHS has the knowledge, experience and resources for any size project from commercial buildings to home remodeling.

Location: 320 N. Broad St., Doylestown. For more information, call 267-880-6791 or visit

Michelle Bense is a freelance writer and managing editor of Natural Awakenings BuxMont. Connect with her at April 2015.

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