Bucks Doctor Attends Exclusive Conference with America’s Top Enzyme Nutrition Therapists

dr. griffinDr. Jeffrey L. Griffin, enzyme nutritionist and doctor of chiropractic at the Center for Natural Healing, in Doylestown, recently attended several days of advanced training taught by Dr. Howard Loomis, Jr. of the Loomis Institute. Many of America’s top enzyme therapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, oriental medicine and traditional medical doctors were in attendance at the annual conference held in Branson, Missouri.

“In the 1920s, it was discovered that cooking, pasteurizing and processing of food destroyed the natural enzymes contained in raw foods. Consuming food in the absence of enzymes has been found to place a significant burden on our body’s immune system by ultimately asking it to take over the job of digesting food,” explains Griffin. “In many cases the burden is too great and the body will fail to receive its nutrient demands. This results in weakness in our protective armor and has been recognized as a major contributor to the development of illness and disease.”

“Modern medicine and the pharmaceutical world seem forever in search of magic bullets instead of understanding how their patient is nutritionally depleted or exhausted in that is resulting in symptoms,” says Griffin. “When you locate the source of the patient’s stress and remove it, watch out—because healing is often right around the corner.”

Griffin is the owner of Center for Natural Healing and is entering his 31st year in practice—13 of which have been dedicated to enzyme nutrition work involving The Loomis System.

Location: 252 W. Swamp Rd., Ste. 26, Doylestown. For more information, call 215-348-2115 or visit Center4NaturalHealing.com. July 2015.

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