Action Alert: Don’t Make Fracking Worse

Pennsylvania is considering legislation that would make fracking even more dangerous and less regulated. Unfortunately, the bill has already passed the House and is now going to the Senate.

SB 875 encourages the use of acid mine drainage (AMD) for fracking operations. AMD is polluted water that flows out of abandoned coal mines. More than 4,000 miles of streams in PA are already polluted by AMD. To make matters worse, very little research is available on how coal mine water reacts with chemicals used in fracking. What information there is exposes several problems that can result from the use of mine water. Help stop this bill today by emailing your state senator and the governor to tell them to oppose this dangerous legislation.

To help prevent SB 875 from being approved, contact Governor Tom Wolf by calling 717-787-2500, faxing 717-772-8284 or emailing John Hanger, part of Wolf’s Planning and Policy staff, at For more information, visit November 2015.

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