‘The Most Radiant You’ Empowerment Program Helps Teens Find Their Inner Goddess

john muraco NBArt therapist John Muraco, ATR, RYT, and Elizabeth Campbell, MS, LPC, will co-facilitate an eight-week program geared toward young women to help them manage stress, build self-worth and gain skills for self-expression and communication. Sessions will be held from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Monday nights, February 15 through April 5, at The Resiliency Center, in Flourtown.

Muraco and Campbell will lead participants in a range of experiences including yoga, art-making and journaling, using concepts from the chakra energy system and the yogic traditions to build awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection. Other activities may include learning to use essential oils for aromatherapy, as well as simple tea blends that support winter wellness.

In addition to his certification as an art therapist, Muraco is a yoga teacher, holistic lifestyle and wellness counselor, and social worker. He was inspired by his work with adolescent girls in a residential treatment center, an inspiration that was bolstered after he read the book Reviving Ophelia. “It’s a common occurrence for young women to hide their true self once they enter the teen years,” he observes. “I frequently see girls putting aside their power and glory in order to be liked by boys. We want to work towards helping them find their inner goddess and a sense of wholeness they can carry with them into the world.”

Campbell is a licensed professional counselor who works specifically with families, children and teens at The Resiliency Center. “The demands of school can be daunting. This, coupled with social pressures, can leave young women feeling anxious, unable to sleep and uninterested in the things that used to be fun,” Campbell says. “We want these young women to find the most radiant expression of themselves.”

Cost: $438 for eight sessions. Students receive a 20 percent discount when they register with a friend. Scholarships are available. Location: The Resiliency Center, 1811 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown. For more information, call 315-329-9838, email John@HeartwellHouse.com, email ElizabethAnneCampbell8@gmail.com or visit ElizabethCampbellCounseling.com/tween-therapy-group. February 2016.

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