Introducing Two Programs in Time for Earth Day at Greenshire Arts

NB_Greenshire_0416As spring nudges the Earth into awakening, Greenshire Arts Consortium is developing two new groups designed to allow adults and families to experience the Earth as a conduit for inspiration, creativity and deeper connection to self. Interested readers are invited to contact Greenshire Arts.
Rediscovering Your Passion is an immersion group for adults. Using a ladder metaphor, the group will explore seven rungs of a ladder that rests in the soil at the root of each person’s tree of life. The seven rungs represent seven creative catalysts: Earth, body, altar, elements, archetypal, spirit and divine. Time will be spent both indoors and outdoors.
Families are invited to join Playing Mindfully with Earth. In this series, families will take special care of a garden plot, flowers or veggies, watching the Earth unfold through all of its seasons. Participants will bring together passions for discovery, storytelling, gardening and sharing meals.
Arlene Curley, Greenshire Arts director, enthuses, “Greenshire has a magic that will help you bring form to your inner visions. Whether you’re a dreamer, artist, parent, gardener, writer or kid—there is a space for you.”
Location: 3620 Sterner Mill Rd., Quakertown. For more information, contact Kristin Moyer, of Conscious Connections, or Arlene Curley at 215-538-0976, email or visit See listings, page 37.

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