Fused Coffee Makes a More Health-Conscious Cup

coffeecupbeans_37890159_lBy infusing seed oils from grapefruit, grape, pomegranate and black cumin into each gourmet coffee bean, Rain International has reimagined ordinary coffee into a supercharged coffee alternative for those seeking a more health-conscious brew.

Fused coffee artisanal blends are offered in black and latte varieties that combine natural and nutritious ingredients, including a seed oil blend, ganoderma extract, grapefruit, grape, pomegranate and black cumin. The proprietary seed-infused formula boasts over 150 antioxidants in each eight-ounce cup.

Like its sister seed-based nutritional drink, Soul, Fused is made available through a network of like-minded representatives like Dottie Gannotti, of Soul Spirit Connection–Wellness & Detox, in Hatboro. Gannotti, a coach and healer, offers the BuxMont area a personal connection to Rain International products.

“In my practice, I see so many people that are addicted to coffee. With regular coffee, the adrenals are taxed and work overtime to keep up with the highs and lows. It can cause dehydration and creates acid, which contributes to digestive issues, fatigue and low energy,” says Gannotti. “Black cumin seed, one of the core ingredients, contains thymoquinone, which has been used traditionally as a healing agent and has proven in recent studies by the National Institute of Health to possess powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective (liver protecting) properties. Plus, Fused is low acid, so you get that energy without the crash.”

Rain International is an international manufacturer of consumable wellness products using cold pressed, organic, non-GMO and plant-based ingredients delivered at the highest standards of reduced waste manufacturing.

For more information, call 215-858-4448, email DotGnot@gmail.com or visit MyRainLife.com/SoulSpiritConnection.

January 2017

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