Laid Back Taxes: Sal Burgio Makes Taxes Fun

by Rebecca Antsis

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S.A. Burgio & Associates is not your typical Bucks County accounting firm. The surfboards that adorn the office’s foyer are the first tip off, and the Margaritaville tapestry offers another playful nod to beach culture from these offices in Yardley’s Makefield Executive Quarters.

Although principal and founder Salvatore A. Burgio is a 28-year veteran of the tax and accounting industry and offers clients a full menu of accounting expertise that caters to their specific situations, he aims to differentiate his firm from others by creating a comfortable atmosphere for clients to bring not only their tax matters, but their whole selves. Burgio’s philosophy, as summed up by the poster mounted on his wall, is, “If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed.” He explains, “I want to make my clients feel comfortable—taxes can be stressful for people, and I want to bring some ease and fun into that as much as possible.”

Burgio often serves populations that respond favorably to a less stuffy atmosphere: freelancers, the LGBTQ community, healing professionals and others with unconventional lifestyles. In welcoming all communities, he provides a safe space to talk numbers with people who have perhaps more complex tax matters than the norm. Burgio expresses feeling a kinship with, and a desire to support, the healing community in particular—he has maintained a personal aromatherapy practice for over ten years.

Within this atmosphere of tolerance, Burgio mentions that he not only prevents clients from getting in trouble with the IRS; he also helps them if they’ve run into snafus.

S.A. Burgio & Associates is located at 301 Oxford Valley Rd., Ste. 303B, in Yardley. For more information, call 215-493-9843, email or visit

January 2017  

Rebecca Antsis is a Pennsylvania-based writer, multimedia performer and editorial associate for Natural Awakenings BuxMont. Connect at

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