Holistic Alternatives to Pain—Local Voices: KATHY FENNELLY, Energy Healing

LV_HealingTouchByKathy-KathyFennelly_0617How does energy healing work to address pain?

Energy healing works well for both chronic and acute pain. Among the most popular are reiki and Healing Touch. As a Healing Touch practitioner, I look at pain from a holistic standpoint and understand that some physical pain might not have solely physical roots, but roots in the subconscious, or stored at the cellular level, where energetic disruptions occur. Some potential causes may include challenging life circumstances, ruminating thoughts, unpleasant memories, emotional perturbations or unsettling past experiences.

From an energy medicine perspective, a disruption starts in the individual’s energy field. Pathology develops, followed by the experience of physical symptoms, such as pain. Therefore, the symptom of pain is a feedback signal from somewhere in our human system indicating there is a problem. Healing Touch partners with an individual and uses heart-centered intention along with touch to remove energetic blocks while connecting, opening and balancing the energy system to restore energetic balance and harmony. This elicits the innate tendency for self-healing.

Although current science does not yet fully understand the exact mechanisms of energy medicine, there are ample clinical trials supporting that Healing Touch reduces the intensity of pain in diverse conditions. The best evidence is to get on a table and experience a Healing Touch session for yourself!

Kathleen Fennelly, RN, is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and owner of Healing Touch by Kathy at 1062 E. Lancaster Ave., Ste. 13-A, Bryn Mawr. For more information, call 610-698-8643 or visit HealingTouchByKathy.com.

June 2017

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