Cannabidiol Oil Can Alleviate Anxiety in Canines

ED_Cannabidiol_SusanMcIntyre_0917Susan McIntyre has been a licensed physical therapist for over 30 years, with a background in orthopedics and sports-related injuries. In 2008, she attended the Canine Rehabilitation Program at the University of Tennessee’s School of Veterinary Medicine. She also has certification in Canine Massage from the Pet Massage Institute.

In December 2008, McIntyre and her husband, Scott, opened Fit For A Dog, in Ardmore, to provide a comprehensive, canine rehabilitation and wellness facility to the Eastern Main Line.

How did you come to incorporate Cannabidiol (CBD) oil into your work with dogs?
I use a lot of natural products in my work, like essential oils. I started researching CBD because I treat a lot of geriatric dogs, and they have many of the same issues that older humans have—such as mobility loss, stress and anxiety. I tested the CBD oil on my 13-year-old dog with those same symptoms. I started giving him three drops in the evening, and he was less restless, happier, slept better and wanted to be around the family more. Although there is not a lot of research on the effects of CBD oil, people are reporting great changes. I now have several clients using it that are noting positive changes. I also know of seizure dogs that are taking it and have responded positively to it. Those that have tried it are seeing results.

ED_Cannabidiol_Fit4Dog_0917I also like using local products, so when I saw DaCrema Botanicals CBD products in a neighborhood health food store, I was excited to learn that something so high-quality was being produced close-by.

For more information about Fit For A Dog, call 610-449-4543 or visit For more information about DaCrema Botanicals, visit

September 2017

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