Warminster Wellness Center Focuses on Internal and External Healing

Airmid Wellness, a community healing center in Warminster, has designed and expanded their services to both build clients’ inner selves and balance its physical well-being.

“There are many paths to wellness, and at Airmid Wellness clients get to chose which journey will take them there,” says director Ed Salkind. “We offer not only counseling services, but also yoga classes and multiple treatment options to help clients gain their power back from trauma, abuse, illness, depression, anxiety and more.”

Among its class offerings are yoga, kids and teen yoga, chair yoga and meditation. Multiple types of bodywork are available, including massage. Airmid also offers an acupuncture clinic every Friday, from 3 to 6 p.m., providing a safe, cost-effective way to treat a wide variety of medical and emotional issues.

“Our team of therapists and wellness instructors recognize the benefits of each of these treatment modalities plus many other types of bodywork and psychotherapies,” says Salkind. “This combination of treatments allows our clients to quickly reach their ultimate wellness goals.”

Location: 1260 Old York Rd., Warminster. For more information, call 609-220-9982, email EdSalkind.Airmid@gmail.com or visit AirmidWellness.com. May 2018

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