Elkins Park Practitioner Offers Conscious Parenting Coaching and More

Leah Weisman, founder of Dynamic Living Resources, is offering personalized programs for adults and children to empower relationships, health and learning. Offerings include individual and group coaching programs, workshops and retreats. 

Weisman has a passion for empowering children. Her experiences as a certified Conscious Parenting coach, Health Dynamics consultant, Genius educator and Powerful Girl Within facilitator, as well as decades of experience facilitating clients in yoga, ayurveda, aromatherapy and energy mindfulness, allow her to give parents the right tools to shift their focus from power struggles to connection and cooperation.

She also offers Health Dynamics debriefs, personalizing health and lifestyle rhythms to each unique “inner genius.” “Health is a foundation to everything,” she explains. “Aligning with our natural flow brings success to all areas of ones life.”

Weisman will be offering two workshops at September’s Empowered Light Expo, “Radical Self-Care” and “Enlightened Parenting.” Readers are invited to visit her at booth 211-213.

For more information, call 215-908-3025, email LeahWeisman15@gmail.com or visit LeahWeismanCoaching.com. August 2018

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