About Us

Natural Awakenings of Bucks and Montgomery County is our area’s leading healthy lifestyle magazine. Now in our 5th year of consistent publication, circulation includes 50,000+ readers a month of our print publication and digital magazine, and several thousand more who engage with our social media platforms, blog, and e-newsletter.

Our mission is to accompany readers on their personal path to wellness, by providing them with cutting-edge educational content, and connecting them to skilled local practitioners who can support them on that journey. Every month we offer fresh, original, professional editorial that introduces readers to global trends and shows them how they they can connect to them in their own communities. Each issue includes a range of range of topics including fitness, diet and nutrition, spirituality, pets, parenting, gardening and more.

We are one of ninety five existing Natural Awakenings magazines in communities across the country.

National publication statistics for the family of Natural Awakenings magazines:

  • January 2016  marks our 22nd year publication
  • In September 2015, we printed 1,528,400 magazines
  • With a readership calculation of 2.5 X circulation, readership was 3,821,000
  • We distributed 160,806 digital copies of our magazines
  • We distributed our magazines at 46,848 distribution locations nationwide
  • 93 magazines are currently publishing and 3 additional magazines are scheduled to launch in the next 6 months
  • NaturalAwakeningsSingles.com began in February 2013. As of October 2015,  8,623 new members have joined.


Our multi-channel, integrated marketing campaigns combine the impact of targeted public relations and carefully crafted print advertisements in our niche, printed publication, with online, email and social media marketing for integrated, affordable programs that boost brand recognition and build word of mouth referrals. E-mail publisher for rates and more information.

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