This is what Readers are saying about Natural Awakenings BuxMont:

  • “I recently picked up an issue of Natural Awakenings magazine and was impressed with the quality of the articles, the layout and the printing.” – Jean C.
  • testimonialI really enjoyed your article “Balance Blesses Our Youth – Wise Parenting Insights from Wendy Mogul” in you August 2012 edition. What a brilliant woman! Thank you for sharing her great wisdom! – Laura
  • “Savvy and timely synthesis of eco-awareness, mind-body holistics, and practical tips for healthy living!” – Sigmund S.
  • “Your magazines arrived this morning. I am always VERY quick to get my copy b/c the supply goes VERY quickly.” – PattiAnn
  • “Natural Awakenings Magazine has done it again! Great Calendar for all local events in just one click! Thanks Audrey Chen, for making these easy to download to my google calendar!” – Shiatsu/ Shin Tai Body Therapies
  • “We met last week at Earth Foods and I have since perused the August and September issues of Natural Awakenings. I have found much that is helpful, informative, inspiring and motivating. I especially loved the articles on barefootin’ and wheat belly. As we spoke about outside the store, I have already been paying attention to my kids and my wheat intake and actually have dropped it completely out of my and my infant son G***’s diets (10 year old C*** is a little trickier) since reading the article. What I saw in the magazine, also has me excited about happenings and services in the area. Thank you, Audrey and it was a pleasure to talk to you that day. Hope to see you again, soon!” – Tracy (children’s names deleted to protect identity)
  • wendy“Thank you for your great service and publication!” – Gail
  • “Loved the ‘Wheat Belly’ story in the latest NA – it answered many questions for me.” – Daniel
  • I just love your publication, and always look forward to reading it. Thank you for putting out such an awesome magazine! Thank you!
  • “Hi Audrey, I’m an integrative nurse practitioner and I love Natural Awakenings magazine! What an inspiration you are 🙂 I look forward to meeting you soon.” ~ Rebecca
  • “Hi Audrey- I really enjoy Natural Awakenings Magazine. All the best” ~ Sue G.
  • “I love love love the cover of December’s issue!  Its bright and clean and fresh.  Just love it.  Good job!” ~ Rebecca A.
  • “I picked up the February issue when I was in Doylestown this weekend-looks great!!!!” ~ Deb S
  • greenshire“I wanted to let you know that you have created another great issue. I really enjoyed the “Six Powerhouse Foods for Kids” and the “Better Brain Diet”. Very informative articles! Your magazine educates and inspires others to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Excellent job!” ~ Laura C.
  • “I wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your segment in the front of the magazine with regard to your kefir grains and the energy we can send to ALL living things. ♥” ~ Wendy S.


This is what Businesses are saying about Natural Awakenings BuxMont:

  • “We do alot of different kinds of marketing, including various online sales funnels, but nothing comes close to the effectiveness of Natural Awakenings. We get multiple calls a month. “– Stephanie Brown, EZ Lifescan, August 2015
  • “The Grand Opening FREE day went so so well!! Loved it. Thanks to everyone who helped me promote it and who came. It was a blast. Could not be here without you guys! Much love.” ~ Healthpoint Community Acupuncturephoto
  • “The publication looks fantastic and our newsbrief is wonderful” – LeeAnne
  • “Just wanted to say thank you for helping us advertise Holistic Happenings at the Zen Den:-) And the article looked fantastic! Thank you again.” – Gretchen
  • “I am so pleased with how this article came out. It is very rewarding to be acknowledged so favorably. Thank you for everything.” – Cynthia
  • silver lake“This is great! Thank you so much for the great fashion show article!” – Jill
  • “I figure it’s worth the investment, because I generally get quite a few calls from people who have seen my listings in Natural Awakenings!!” – Susan
  • “I just wanted to let you know that this is the first positive experience I am having with this publication. Bravo and Well Done!! its been very easy Thank you!!!” – Jessica
  • “Our supply just got delivered here! They look great! Thank you! Our Green Fest ad looks awesome!!” – Silver Lake Nature Center
  • “Love the September Cover!!” – Sondra
  • Love the September Issue !! Great work! Thank you!” – Sondra
  • “Thank you for the write up in the magazine. I love it! So cool to see us in there!” –Namaste, Robin
  • “Hi Audrey, Just received you magazine today and really enjoyed reading the articles while having lunch. Lots of good info! Thanks also for the “Save the Date”. We really appreciate your help in getting the word out there.” – Lisa
  • “Wanted to tell you that I am very moved that you placed me on the first page. Your support is overwhelming. I like the ad very much.” – Cynthia
  • “I just wanted to let you know based on my latest ad, I received a new client and an opportunity to speak about health and wellness at the Valley Forge Christian College.” – Lindsey
  • “We are getting calls and I am hearing how people saw the magazine which rocks.  Thanks again!!” – Barry [after the 1st week of placing an ad in the magazine]
  • “Things  are going very well!  Thanks for checking in.  I have been super busy with my regular job as well as gaining more clients from my ad, its been working very well thanks!” – Lindsey
  • “Audrey, I finally got a chance to pick up Natural Awakenings–wanted to thank you for all of the work you put into all aspects of the coverage I got.  ESPECIALLY in view of Sandy. – Mark
  • “You are doing an Excellent job with the Mag!  I look forward each month to see what you have put together!  I have about 20 people coming next week for the Chowders class so I will be giving all my November issues away”
  • “Thank you so much for including our event listing– it looks terrific and we had a successful event.” – Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
  • “I get enough new clients each month from your magazine that the ads pay for themselves.  My staff also mentioned a lot more phone calls. I liked the bodywork article so much that I cut it out and put it into a binder I keep in the waiting room.” ~ Dr. Warner
  • We LOVE your publication! Always look forward to them, and they fly out of here so quickly!! :o) – Silver Lake Nature Center
  • “natural awakenings…the gift that keeps on giving. got a phone call last night from a woman in mobile alabama.  saw the brief on me in natural awakenings, and wanted to know if i could help her friend in a prison in miami.  calling her back this morning.love it. thank you. thank you. onward. xo” ~ Marie J.
  • “It’s wonderful to have like-minded individuals like you to collaborate with.” ~ Sarah H. of Bucks County Wellness Centre
  • “I think you did a great job on organizing the forum!  I enjoyed participating.” ~ MaryEllen D.
  • “Audrey, It’s my pleasure to spread the word about all the natural options available and add energy to your magazine.” ~ Dr. Lachman
  • “Thank you the time you put into making the forum happen. I think it very well and the audience seemed to really enjoy the event. Also want to thank you for inviting me. I had a great time. I would like to be a part of future forums as well.” ~ Dr. Rhodes
  • “Someone came in the other day all the way from Royersford to Doylestown after seeing our ad in your magazine.” ~ Amy S.
  • ” I not only got a response from the new ad, but a client!  Woo-hoo!” ~ Mark H.

This is what Advertisers are hearing from Readers:

  • Saw your ad in Natural Awakenings. Love your website. Will be working with a few friends to put together a group for a class. Be in touch soon. 267-xxx-xxxx – Sandi lcxxxgxxx@aol.com
  • [patient brings in an issue that is 6 months old] You need to be in the next issue of Natural Awakenings. They are doing a bodywork issue.


To submit a testimonial of your own, or to give general feedback, please use this form. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you have. We are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality to our clients as well as readers.

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