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Example of ArticlesThank you for your interest in writing for Natural Awakenings BuxMont,the region’s premier healthy living, healthy planet magazine, reaching over 50,000 readers per month. Our mission is to educate our audience about how they can make the most of naturally healthy, sustainable/green living. 


Articles featured in Natural Awakenings address a number of natural living topics to help readers attain a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Readers trust our content because it is educational, balanced and engaging. Article submissions should include facts and/or statistics that would be of interest to our readers, without sounding self-serving. If we think that an article is publishable, but contains promotional content, we will request that the author resubmit the article after those references are removed or reworded.

Submissions (except promotional/advertorial Community Spotlights) should be non-promotional in nature, educational and informative. 

Each feature article contains a byline for the writer and is followed by a brief biography with contact information, plus the page number of your ad, if you advertise with us.

Before submitting or sending in a query, we STRONGLY suggest you review our Editorial Guidelines (PDF) AND styling guidelines so you can select the section that best suits your submission and assure that it adheres to our length, style and deadline requirements. This will give your submission the best opportunity for consideration and publication in a future issue of Natural Awakenings. Timing your submission with our Editorial Calendar is also STRONGLY suggested.

Thank you again for your interest in helping provide quality, cutting-edge editorial to our community.


  • There is no cost for submission of articles.
  • We are not able to notify an individual as to whether an article will or will not run.
  • As company policy, we will not print editorial submissions from multilevel product marketing programs.
  • We do not offer a monthly column from individual writers, but prefer to use a variety of writers, and offer a variety of content, which changes monthly.
  • Please write in the 3rd person (no I’s, we’s, and you’s).
  • Please, no personal experiences; the selected topic should be newsworthy and informative, not self-promoting.
  • Stick to one topic, with perhaps 1 to 2 subtopics in support.
  • We may edit for style, length, and clarity; writers must be willing to collaborate.
  • Any quotes or outside data must be accompanied with the source. We will fact check if necessary.
  • Include any photos you think would be appropriate (digital minimum of 300dpi).
  • Include a bio of yourself, up to 50 words, along with a photo if you can.
  • Should an article NOT make the next month of publication following the month of submission, we reserve the right to publish the article at a later date, unless specified otherwise by the author.
  • We and our readers appreciate your submissions and involvement!


  • Due date: 10th of the month prior to publication
  • Character count: 400-750 words in length

Go to Articles Submission Form


  1. Please carefully double-check your submission for accuracy. We are not responsible for incorrect information provided. Also make sure submission is not in all caps. Please turn off your CAPS LOCK. You will be asked to resubmit your listing if it appears in ALL CAPS.
  2. Any images submitted must be in png, jpg, gif or pdf forms. For optimal performance, please keep the file sizes less than 3MB. Make sure the name of the image doesn’t contain any “/” or “%20″.
  3. We do not notify in advance of publication or send proofs. If we have questions about your submission, we will contact you.
  4. Publication of Natural Awakenings Article is solely at the discretion of Natural Awakenings’ publishers and editors and subject to available space, guidelines and applicability to the theme of the magazine. We publish only those submissions that we feel are a good fit in our magazine and only those for which we have adequate space in the magazine. We may exclude any submission for any reason. Other submissions may be considered for the website.
  5. We reserve the right to edit all submissions to fit our style, length and guidelines, without prior approval or review.


Contact us at (267) 544-9585 or

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