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The Natural Awakenings BuxMont print magazine is the resource that readers are turning to for Natural Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Growth, Creative Expression and our Environment. At the core of any plan is Display Advertising. Display advertisers are invited to utilize the other areas of our magazine, such as NewsBriefsCommunity Spotlights and our Calendar of Events.

Ten Answers to “Why advertise in Natural Awakenings?”

  1. You offer a product or service that deals with natural methods of health, healing, inner growth or creative, earth friendly living.
  2. The U.S. marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living is conservatively estimated to be $209 billion and growing every day. This is the market that Natural Awakenings taps into.
  3. Your advertising is targeted straight to the people who are willing and able to buy or use your products or services.
  4. A free publication means that only people who are interested in healthy living will pick up the magazine. This means less wasted paper and wasted money. Our comprehensive companion website keeps our eco-conscious target marketing initiatives moving forward.
  5. Targeted to LOCAL residents interested in healthy living – you are not paying extra to advertise to Detroit, Ann Arbor and other parts of Michigan or even the country – though we can arrange that for you by contacting our sister magazines. Plus, our daily web stats show that our popular website offers superb local, regional and national exposure. We’ve got you covered.
  6. Quality articles and content each month keep readers and web-visitors coming back for more. The seamless integration of features by nationally known holistic leaders and local experts and events is unique in the market.
  7. A comprehensive community calendar means that readers will keep their copy and refer back to it over and over and bookmark our website for 24/7 access to local events and resources.
  8. Natural Awakenings works! Read the Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.
  9. Outstanding print and color quality using 100% recycled paper with soy and vegetable based inks.
  10. An earth friendly advertising option – reinforces your commitment to the environment in the eyes of your customers.

Also available are Pre-designed Packages, containing those components we have found work best and Specialty Offerings for events. Request a media kit.

For more information, pricing and to find out how you can put the power of Natural Awakenings to work for your business or practice, contact us.

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