Gut Health: 15 Minutes of Fame for a Timeless Topic

Health and wellness trends come and go. Lately, there has been abundant information presented about digestive health, the body’s microbiome and their impact on overall health. However, digestive health is hardly a new topic or a trendy fad. Over 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut,” and modern research continues to support his theory.

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You Can’t See What You Can’t See

Several years ago there was a remarkable case of a man whose routine wisdom tooth extraction turned out to be anything but routine. A typical panoramic X-ray showed that the roots of the tooth were close to the critical, main nerve that courses through the lower jaw and innervates the teeth, so extra care would be needed.

After proper loosening, the tooth should have simply popped out with a gentle tug. Astonishingly, it sprung right back into place, as though it were attached to a rubber band. A close, physical examination showed that the root had grown completely around the nerve, like a string through a Life Savers candy. Luckily, the nerve had not been severed, and a quick protocol change allowed the tooth to be removed without damaging the nerve.

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Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs Innovates, Offers Tele-Optometry

Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs (PEL), the oldest and largest independently owned optical chain in the Philadelphia area, is by definition, “old school”. Its five area locations are part of a century-long legacy of providing quality eye care to hundreds of thousands of patients.

But while the company’s longstanding connection to the communities it serves has become a Philadelphia tradition—it’s not unusual to see whole families in its stores, buying glasses together—innovation is never out of view.

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Coping Through the Holidays

– by Marianne Welch-Salkind

Turkey. Baked Ham. Mashed Potatoes. Pie. Gifts. Family. Those images evoke memories filled with merriment or solace. Television programs and commercials display images of happy families celebrating the holidays seated around their large dining table, perfectly set with fine china and holiday décor. If you are lucky enough to have happy childhood memories, those memories are yours to keep. They are now part of the fabric that makes up your very being.

But for others, those memories are for story books only and can often evoke feelings of sadness, triggering depression with feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Or perhaps you do have happy childhood memories filled with loving family and yummy food, but now you are estranged from your loved ones.

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Local Pain Specialist Bruce Nicholson, MD, Endorses CBD for Pain Management

by Gisele R. Siebold

DrBruceNicholsonDr. Bruce D. Nicholson, the director of Pain Specialists of Greater Lehigh Valley, as well as the medical director for the Division of Pain Management, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, acknowledges and understands that chronic pain is a complex problem, and treating it successfully requires a unified, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. “The human body is an amazing system of well-orchestrated parts. Like a machine, each part contributes to the harmony of the whole. When illness or injury strikes, however, the entire system is affected and pain is often the result,” explains Nicholson. “Pain is actually the body’s way of signaling a breakdown of one of its parts. Although unpleasant, pain provides an important warning to protect the body against further injury.”

Nicholson is also a clinical associate professor at Penn State’s College of Medicine at Hershey Medical Center, and board certified in anesthesiology and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He consistently researches treatments that can confidently be recommended for patients, taking into consideration their long-term health and well-being.

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When Less Is More: An Optometrist’s Perspective on Progressive Lenses

by Carrie Jackson

wink_staceyfilippotyran_0317Vision changes are an inevitable part of aging. As we get older, our natural lenses lose their flexibility and we have trouble focusing. Dr. Stacey Filippo Tyran, an optometrist at Wink Optical, in Jenkintown, says that most people’s vision starts to decrease in their early 40s. “Presbyopia is a common condition caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, which results in blurred vision and trouble focusing for tasks like reading,” says Filippo. “Getting a proper eye exam and having an optometrist find the right refraction for you is the first course of treatment.”

Filippo says that progressive lenses are becoming more popular in treating presbyopia and other eye conditions due to their versatility, aesthetic appeal and comfort. “Progressive lenses are a specific type of bifocal that corrects distance, intermediate and near vision all at the same time. Unlike a traditional bifocal, there is no line on the lens, which allows the eye to focus seamlessly without having to adjust. Many people consider not having a line to be a cosmetic advantage as well,” says Filippo. Features like these are appealing to those busy with work, school, families and events, that want to simplify their eyewear.

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Glaucoma Interrupted: Early Detection for Effective Treatment

Glaucoma is the country’s leading cause of preventable blindness, but by the time one notices a change in vision, it may be too late.

The disease is caused by a buildup of pressure inside the eye, which destroys the optic nerve. This happens slowly and without symptoms—the first sign of glaucoma is usually the loss of peripheral vision. By the time this stage has been reached, little can be done to stop the disease’s progress.

55785743 - glaucoma written on the road sign

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