Relax and Revitalize with Synergy Mind Body Soul Wellness

At Synergy Mind Body Soul Wellness, in Levittown, personalized, appointment-only sessions include tuning fork therapy, vibration, sound, crystals, aromatherapy, colored lighting with targeted reflexology and reiki, with the intention of balancing chakras, cleansing the aura and bringing optimal wellness to the various energy fields of the body.

“It is our calling to serve, and it is in service we receive,” says owner Nicole Culver. “Just prior to your session, always set intention to receive the highest benefit of wellness available. Don’t overthink what the benefit will be; just relax and allow.”

After working as a licensed practical nurse for 20 years, Culver embarked on a spiritual journey and is now a practitioner of tuning fork therapy, reiki, crystal stone wellness, a manifesting and meditation guide, an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church and a licensed certified angel card reader with medium abilities.

“I will continue to incorporate additional holistic wellness modalities into practice during Synergy sessions, such as reflexology and pranic healing,” says Culver. “If you’re interested in a session but not quite sure, call and arrange to stop by for a cup of tea and ask any questions about how a session works… even get a short demo.”

Sessions are approximately one hour. New clients receive a free, 15-minute session with follow-up within two weeks, either in person, via Skype or by phone.

For more information, call 973-580-2353, email or visit October 2017

The Soul Alchemy of Cleaning House

by Rebecca Antsis

SparkJoySpace_LogoIt starts and ends with a simple exercise: hold it in your hands and ask, “Does this bring me joy?” If “yes”, it stays. If “no”, bye-bye.

This is the Spark Joy process, the powerful method that starts with tidying one’s surroundings and ends with transforming one’s life. The concept of Spark Joy is based on the KonMari Method by author Marie Kondo and outlined in her runaway bestseller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. What began as a modest book has spawned an entire movement.

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Vet Provides Humane, In-Home Service for a Pet’s Final Moments

by Jack Firneno

39484816 - senior woman with her dog inside of her house.Don and Donna Shields have worked separately for decades helping animals lead better lives. Now, they’ve teamed up to help pet owners make the final moments with their beloved pets peaceful and calm.

Last Act of Love is the couple’s at-home euthanasia program, where animals pass away peacefully in their home, surrounded by loved ones. It’s much less painful for the pets, and more comforting for their owners. Now in its third year, Last Act of Love serves all of Bucks County.

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Beat Chronic Pain with Zero Pain Now

by Rebecca Antsis

DanBuglio-3In the 1970s, Dr. John Sarno, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at New York University, made a discovery that struck deep into the bedrock of the mainstream medical community. This discovery was tension myoneural syndrome and is now referred to as The Mind-body Syndrome (TMS).

TMS is a mind-body disorder that reveals itself to be a set of physical symptoms (usually manifesting as some form of pain or discomfort) that originates from something psychological or emotional in nature. The premise is that overwhelming, repressed emotions and daily life stress create a very real change in the vascular system, which reduces blood and oxygen flow and results in physical pain. When the emotional source of pain is located, the pain is then vanquished.

Some years later, a TMS sufferer named Adam Heller built on Sarno’s research and developed Zero Pain Now, a program that improved upon the process of reversing this mind-body syndrome to end chronic pain quickly.

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Building an Integrative Medical Community

by Grace Antonini

RedHill-4_0417When people walk through Red Hill Medical’s door for the first time, they immediately marvel over how relaxed and nurtured they feel. Exposed brick walls, sunny windows and a convenient location (five minutes from Kimberton Whole Foods) are a few of the ingredients that make this space such a perfect spot for an integrative medical practice.

It’s all about being present for each person,” says Dr. Kristann Heinz, MD, RD, the practice’s co-founder along with Falecia Wasicko, RN, LMT. And there’s space to spare—Red Hill Medical is currently seeking like-minded, holistic practitioners to share space and resources at its Pipersville location.

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Nu You Skin Care Nurtures Glowing, Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

by Gisele R. Siebold

NuYouLogo_0417Healing is the cornerstone of Nu You Skin Care and Wellness Centers, with locations in Ambler and Langhorne, where an atmosphere of healing and rejuvenation pampers the body and soul.

Gerry Christopher, owner and licensed esthetician, believes education is key to helping clients understand that healthy skin comes from the inside out. “We assist clients in making good decisions about what they put on their skin and into their body. For example, acne is the body’s way of looking for attention. Changing not only a skin care regimen but also eating habits can make a big difference,” she explains. “Our products are all-natural, organic, vegan and free of hazardous chemicals, designed to heal the dermis and accommodate clients with sensitive skin, and can be shipped all over the country.”

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