2018 Editorial Themes

JANUARY Health & Wellness Issue
Feature: Natural Stress Relief

Plus: Understanding Nutraceuticals

Feature: Living Courageously
Plus: Meditation Styles

MARCH Healthy Food Issue
Feature: Ethnic Cuisine
Plus: Super Spices

Feature: Climate Health Update
Plus: Healthy Home

MAY Women’s Health Issue
Feature: Natural Care First

Plus: Personalized Medicine

Feature: Livable Communities
Plus: Natural Beauty

JULY Nutrition Issue
Feature: Farmers Rooted in Health

Plus: Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Feature: Simplified Parenting
Plus: Multilevel Healing

SEPTEMBER Body Movement Issue
Feature: Joint Health

Plus: Yoga for Flexibility

Feature: Game Changers
Plus: Chiropractic

NOVEMBER Health Defense Issue
Feature: Immune System Boosters

Plus: Safe Drinking Water

Feature: Uplifting Humanity
Plus: Holidays

* Topics are subject to change

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