2019 Editorial Themes

JANUARY Health & Wellness Issue
Feature: Strengthen Organ Vitality

Plus: Healthy Homes

Feature: Heart Health
Plus: Socially Conscious Investing

MARCH Natural Food Issue
Feature: Nutrition Upgrades
Plus: Managing Allergies

Feature: Sustainable Living
Plus: Creative Arts Therapy

MAY Women’s Health Issue
Feature: Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Plus: Healthy Vision

Feature: Brain Health
Plus: Green Building Trends

JULY Local Food Issue
Feature: Urban & Suburban Agriculture

Plus: Gut Health

Feature: Children’s Health
Plus: Natural Pet Care

SEPTEMBER Vibrant at Any Age Issue
Feature: Age-Defying Bodywork

Plus: Yoga Therapy

Feature: Oral Health
Plus: Chiropractic Care

NOVEMBER Better Sleep Issue
Feature: Natural Sleeping Solutions

Plus: Optimal Thyroid Function

Feature: Uplifting Humanity
Plus: Earth-Friendly Holidays

* Topics are subject to change

Are you a practitioner with expertise or interest in one or more of these subject areas? Email us to find out how to be featured in an upcoming issue. 

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