Elizabeth Joyce Offers Spiritual Workshop and Psychic Fair this Fall

Author, psychic and energetic healer Elizabeth Joyce is offering her Spiritual Intensive workshop, from 1 to 5 p.m., October 7 and 8. She will also be organizing a Fall Psychic Fair, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 4 and 5. Both events take place at the James Lorah House, 132 North Main Street, Doylestown.

The Spiritual Intensive workshop is based on Joyce’s two books, Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul: Walking the Middle Road and The NEW Spiritual Chakras: and How To Work With Them. Attendees will be taught to work with their spiritual gifts, apply the new spiritual chakras and manifest their Soul Purpose while experiencing deep meditation that allows movement beyond boundaries with one’s Universal Body.

The Fall Psychic Fair benefits Bucks County charities and offers attendees different forms of massage and bodywork, including reiki and vibrational healing. Lectures are scheduled every hour beginning at noon, as well as opportunities to receive readings from several local and guest psychics, including Frank St. James of Psychic Detectives and Celeste Oliver, a descendant of the founders of modern spiritualism, the Fox sisters.

“Feel good about yourself and learn how to transform your life with the many holistic services available,” says Joyce. “Meet others in your community and network!”

Cost: Workshop: $100/day, $180/both days; Fair: $5 donation, $7 lunch, all services extra, free parking. For more information and to register, call 215-996-0646, email Elizabeth_Joyce@verizon.net or visit New-Visions.com. October 2017

HeartWell House Offers Yoga Workshops in Frenchtown this Fall

John Muraco, registered art therapist, registered yoga teacher and founder of HeartWell House Expressive Therapies, in Doylestown, will lead two yoga workshops designed for beginners this fall at Yoga Loka, in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

“Radiating Yoga & Deep Relaxation Soundscape” will be held from 1 to 3:30 p.m., October 14, and is Kundalini-inspired to recharge the body and spirit as attendees move freely to drumming and awakening sounds, learn simple breathing and stretching strategies and relax to the sounds of soothing bells, chimes, crystal alchemy singing bowls and the gong.

“Facing Adversity with Strength and Courage” will be held from 1 to 2:30 p.m., November 18, and includes simple stretches that soften areas of tension within the body, as well as the practice of a mantra and meditation, ending with a deeply relaxing sound meditation.

HeartWell House combines art therapy, holistic health and yoga and offers customized and individualized therapy programs that connect people to what inspires them, creating sustainable physical and emotional health. It recently opened a new boutique and therapy room in downtown Doylestown.

Cost: October 14, $45; November 18, $35. Location: 23 Race St., Frenchtown, NJ. For more information, call John Muraco at 267-733-7261 or visit HeartWellHouse.com. October 2017

Kudos: Beth Allyn Herman

Beth Allyn Herman, a board-certified psychotherapist since 2007, has been invited to apprentice at The Wellness Institute at The Cleveland Clinic. Herman is in the process of being certified in the Advanced Internship in Hypnotherapy program, where she will become certified to facilitate Heart-Centered Breath Therapy, Energetic Psychodrama and other advanced therapeutic techniques for working with groups and individuals using a hypnotherapeutic approach.

Beth Herman Counseling location: The Farm at Doylestown, 605 Farm Ln. For more information, call 215-348-8900 or visit BethHermanCounseling.com. October 2017


Bucks County Health and Wellness Expo Returns to the Oxford Valley Mall

The fall Bucks County Health and Wellness Expo is being held at the Oxford Valley Mall from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on October 20 and 21, and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on October 22.

Mall-goers and expo attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk with local physicians and dentists, fitness and wellness professionals and holistic health practitioners to learn about their unique offerings.

Event sponsors include Natural Awakenings of Bucks and Montgomery County, PURE and Kaaya Medical Spa.

The event is the brainchild of chiropractor Brian Matson and Kru Roger, who owns Mercer Bucks Muay Thai training center. The intention of the events is to provide an opportunity for local health and wellness practitioners to create personal relationships with people in the community and forge new business relationships based on those one-on-one connections.

“The first day in the Health and Wellness Expo, we not only had business leads but appointments scheduled and newcomers in our group classes; the return was immediate,” shares Marty McLoughlin, owner of Extreme Fitness Personal Training, in Fallsington, and a past expo presenter.

Location: Oxford Valley Mall, 2300 E. Lincoln Hwy., Langhorne. Table rates start at $150 a day, $300 for the weekend. For more information about vendor opportunities, call event coordinator Kru Roger at 267-847-8661, email HealthAndWellnessExpos2017@gmail.com or visit HealthAndWellnessExposUSA.com. October 2017

New Look for Natural Awakenings Magazine

Natural Awakenings magazine is sporting a new look. After being unveiled in Florida’s Collier/Lee edition that serves Naples and Fort Myers—the first of a family of magazines that has grown to encompass 85 U.S. cities, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic—in July, the new logo and cover design will appear in all editions starting in October.

Other design elements are expected to be refreshed in the near future to align with the evolution of the national content already underway. The plans were announced at the Natural Awakenings’ Publishers Conference in Orlando in May.

“We’ve kept up with new, cutting-edge trends and developments in all areas of sustainable, healthy living through the years, so it’s only natural for our look to also evolve,” says Sharon Bruckman, CEO and founder of Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation. “The new cover format enables us to highlight more of the content offered inside the issue. The changes also reflect the success of our mission in supporting the presence and growth of the natural living movement to the point where it’s beneficially influencing mainstream media content.”

Launched by Bruckman with a single magazine in 1994, Natural Awakenings is now one of the largest, free, local, healthy lifestyle publications worldwide, serving approximately 3.5 million readers.

For more information, visit NaturalAwakeningsMag.com. October 2017

Nu You Well Med Celebrates Grand Opening in Rittenhouse Square Event

Nu You Skin Care and Wellness Centers will host an open house event to celebrate the opening of Nu You Well Med in its Rittenhouse Square location from noon to 4 p.m., October 7, at 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 1523, Philadelphia. This free event will feature specials on products and services, demonstrations and giveaways.

Nu You emphasizes customized skin care at the intersection of science and nature. Its highly trained aestheticians combine organic products with cutting-edge infusions, facials and other holistic treatments that are personalized for each client’s unique needs at the time of the visit.

“The change of seasons is an important time to assess what the summer had done to the skin,” says Nu You owner and master esthetician Gerry Christopher, LE, COE. “The shift from air conditioning to heat can also dry out or stress the skin. We take a proactive and holistic approach with our clients to give the skin what it needs as those needs shift throughout the year.”

Nu You Well Med will be the third of Christopher’s locations, joining Nu You Skin Care, in Ambler, and Nu You Wellness Center, in Langhorne.

Nu You Well Med, Philadelphia: 215-847-5659. Nu You Skin Care, Ambler: 7 S. Ridge Ave., 215-847-5659. Nu You Wellness Center, Langhorne: 102 Corporate Dr. E., 215-847-5659. For more information, visit NuYouSkinCare.com. October 2017

Kudos: Laurie Van Valkenburgh

Laurie Van Valkenburgh, owner of Shiatsu Shin Tai Bodywork Therapies, 6064 Mountain Road, in New Hope, is expanding to a second location at 800 West State Street, Suite 103, in Doylestown.

Van Valkenburgh uses a multi-modality approach, specializing in shiatsu shin tai bodywork, muscle energy, fascial, cranial and central channel release techniques to allow free-flowing spinal alignment and promote life force energy.

For more information, call 267-566-6056, email Lavabigail@gmail.com or visit ShiatsuBodyworkTherapies.com. October 2017

Ozone in Oral Care: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

We’ve all heard of ozone, but how many of us know what it really is? Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen molecules. Because of its atomic structure, ozone possesses energetic and reactive properties that contribute to its multifaceted nature.

The formation of the ozone layer in the stratosphere shields Earth’s surface from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without it, life could not exist. This is the “good” part of ozone.

The “bad” part is the ozone that’s created when hydrocarbon pollutants from vehicles, equipment and industrial plants react with oxygen in the presence of sunlight. This ground-based ozone is entirely associated with pollution and can be harmful to people and animals, especially those with respiratory issues.

The “beautiful” thing about ozone is it produces beneficial outcomes related to disinfection and healing. Ozone has been used since the early 1900s to industrially sanitize drinking water and disinfect produce. Its use in air purification systems is highly effective in killing microbes.

In dentistry, ozone has several important applications. Most dental drill systems have closed systems that allow proper maintenance of water quality. Using ozonated water instead of harsh chemicals and disinfectants is more effective and safe.

Another application of ozone is in the treatment of tooth decay. The oxygen molecules in ozone penetrate into the tiny tubules that exist in dentin and house nerve endings. Ozone also alkalinizes surfaces and neutralizes acidic surroundings. These properties help to minimize drilling in all stages of decay.

In the fight against gum disease, ozone battles harmful pathogens and boosts the immune system. Inflamed and infected gum pockets are irrigated with ozonated water and later infused with ozone gas. Pathogens are killed and the increased oxygen is pushed into the tissue to induce better blood and lymph flow.

Ozone also helps in healing from oral surgery. After a tooth is extracted, the area is thoroughly rinsed with ozonated water and then infused with ozone gas. Ozone works extremely well to disinfect the surgery site for healing to begin.

There it is: the good, the bad and the beautiful. Essential in our environment, and practical and effective in dentistry, ozone can become a beautiful part of everyone’s oral care regimen.

Dr. Hyo “Tony” Lim, DMD, is the founder of Dental Wellness Centre, 216 Mall Blvd., Ste. 11, King of Prussia. For more information, call 610-265-4485 or visit DentalWellnessCentre.com. October 2017

Advocacy for a Cleaner Earth Fall Lecture Series at Bucks County Audubon Society

Bucks County Audubon Society (BCAS) presents a monthly “Advocacy for a Cleaner Earth” lecture series this fall. Each free lecture features environmental professionals speaking on a range of topics as they relate to local, environmental issues, including gas, water, soil and wildlife.

All lectures are open to the public and held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the Delaware Valley University Life Science building. Maya van Rossum of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network spoke in September about pipelines and their impact on clean water. Ron Moule of the Carversville Farm Foundation will speak on October 11. Richard Meyers, former director of the Eastern Pennsylvania Sierra Club, will speak on November 8.

BCAS is an environmental education center whose mission is to educate people about the natural world with an emphasis on conservation, including the protection of birds, other wildlife and their habitats.

Location: 700 E. Butler Ave., Doylestown. For more information, call 215-297-5880 or visit BCAS.org. October 2017

GSL Organics Hosts Anniversary Open House

Skincare line GSL Organics, in Lansdale, invites the public to its boutique shop on Main Street to celebrate its Anniversary Open House event, from 6 to 8 p.m., October 21. Owner Candy St. Martine-Pack is excited to treat visitors to an evening of music, food, cake, giveaways and more.

GSL Organics is never tested on animals and all of its products are paraben-, SLS-, gluten- and petroleum-free, as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly and safe for all ages and skin issues.

The product label name, which is short for its business name, Green Street Luxuries, originated when St. Martine-Pack began researching ancient skincare ingredients to heal her own family’s needs over 25 years ago. At the request of many people, she became an official business in 2009 and her products are now sold in nine countries and in all 50 states.

Location: 308 W. Main St., Lansdale. For more information and to RSVP by October 15, call 267-879-1554, email Candy@GreenStreetLux.com or visit GslOrganics.org/calendar.html. October 2017

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Event Starts at Citizens Bank Park

The Alzheimer’s Association will hold its largest fundraiser of the year, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, this fall, with the Delaware Valley chapter’s Philadelphia event taking place on November 11 at Citizens Bank Park. Check-in is at 9:30 a.m., with a pre-walk program at 10:45 a.m., followed by the two-mile walk at 11 a.m. This is part of the world’s largest annual event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research, care and support.

The walk, presented by Genesis HealthCare and WTXF-TV/FOX 29, will feature live music and entertainment and dozens of sponsor tables loaded with promotional giveaways.

“Our chapter, which provides local programs and services to more than 294,000 people in the Delaware Valley region that are affected by Alzheimer’s or a related disorder and their families, hopes to raise 1.7 million dollars at this year’s walk,” says Kathryn DiSalvo, senior director of special events. “We encourage everyone to sign up and join the fight to realize Alzheimer’s first survivor.”

For more information, call 800-272-3900, email DelValWalk@Alz.org or visit Alz.org/delval/walk. October 2017

St. Mary Offers New Technique to Breast Cancer Patients

St. Mary Medical Center, in Langhorne, has introduced a new technique to limit radiation exposure to the heart for women receiving treatment for left-sided breast cancer.

The technique is called “deep inspiration breath-hold” (DIBH) and reduces radiation exposure to the heart by as much as 75 percent. This additional safety measure helps decrease a patient’s chances of adverse cardiac events, such as heart attacks and sudden cardiac death, later in life.

DIBH involves the patient taking a deep breath through a special spirometry monitor, which measures the volume of air inside the lungs. The patient is also given a set of goggles with a visual screen that shows how much air is being taken in and guides the patient to hold her breath for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. When lungs are inflated, physicians can deliver radiation more precisely, reducing exposure to healthy heart tissue.

“The more we can limit the exposure of healthy tissue to radiation and protect the heart, the better the long-term outcome of the patient will be,” says St. Mary radiation oncologist Hiral Fontanilla, M.D. “This is another advancement for our patients, who are living decades after initial diagnosis, thanks to more effective therapies.”

St. Mary Medical Center is recognized for achieving numerous national quality distinctions for best practice standards in care delivery, image quality, personnel qualifications, equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance.

Location: 1201 Langhorne Newtown Rd., Langhorne. For more information, call 215-710-2000 or visit StMaryHealthcare.org. October 2017