Making an Anti-Aging Plan: Healthy Hormone Levels and Weight Control Contribute to Vibrant Health

by Monica Gavin and Gisele Siebold

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The goal of anti-aging medicine is to maintain the body’s health and vitality as it ages. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and weight loss are both parts of an anti-aging treatment plan that can improve people’s lives in a variety of ways.

The ABC’s of BHRT
It’s important to note the difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Because synthetic hormones do not match the molecular structure of human hormones, they often result in unpleasant side effects, some as severe as cancers and cardiovascular issues. Conversely, bioidentical hormones, derived from natural plant sources, provide an exact match to those produced by the human body, offering relief from symptoms while minimizing the potentially dangerous side effects.

As Marla Viturello, of Philadelphia Professional Compounding Pharmacy, states, “The value of customized BHRT is critical in restoring balance. Because these prescriptions are naturally derived and can be compounded in different strengths and dosage forms, patients can benefit from a regimen designed for their distinctive needs.”

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Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Monica Gavin and Pharmacist Mario Sellecchia

by Julianne Hale and Michelle Bense

After a firsthand experience with the symptoms of menopause, Monica Gavin, M.D., developed an interest in anti-aging medicine. “I had every symptom possible—lack of sleep, mood swings, increased abdominal fat and decreased energy,” she explains. “I went to my gynecologist and she did not offer any solutions except progesterone.”
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Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine

by Daniel Lebowitz

antiaging medicineRecent advances in understanding the aging process have led to the ability to dramatically lower the likelihood of developing chronic diseases of aging. In some cases, these diseases can be stopped in their tracks—or even reversed. The ability to have enhanced quality of life as we age is also upon us. Aging no longer has to be a long, slow decline.
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