Inclusion Festival Returns in August

Inclusion Festival, billed as the nation’s first and only sensory-friendly music and wellness festival, is an event designed to include and accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Attendees are invited to participate in a variety of educational and wellness workshops, enjoy sensory-friendly live music, engage in mindfulness practices and build supportive connections. The festival will be held August 9 through 11, at Mountain Sky Festival Grounds, in Jermyn, Pennsylvania.  Continue reading

Retrain the Brain with LENS

by Jeffrey Rutstein

What is LENS? 

Low energy neurofeedback system, or LENS, was developed by Len Ochs, Ph.D, in the early 1990’s as a drug-free and highly effective method to enhance brain functioning and flexibility. This safe and effective technique uses faint electromagnetic impulses to the scalp to retrain the brain. In the over 20 years since its introduction, this painless and noninvasive procedure has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals decrease anxiety, increase and improve attention and concentration, reduce depression, increase overall energy and enhance creativity and the ability to be present.

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Accunect Connect Seminar Comes to PA

Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, a doctor of acupuncture and former advanced senior instructor of BodyTalk, will lead a weekend seminar about the holistic healing system Accunect Connect, which he co-created. The seminar, which will be held November 22 to 24, in King of Prussia, will teach participants on how to perform Accunect healing sessions with others, as well as to use it for personal
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