Letter from Publisher, October 2014

Following a trip to a local orchard with family and friends, I posted this funky photo on my Facebook page, and it wound up inspiring this month’s letter. I’ll kick it off with a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “The rotten apple spoils his companion,” popularly recast as “One rotten apple spoils the bunch.” Clearly, the disappointed look on my face stems from the sadness of selecting a rotten apple, a great surprise in an age when we expect to easily put our hands on an unlimited supply of perfect fruit at the grocer’s year-round.

I rejoice that I was able to quickly move on to find many perfectly good apples that day, which brought to mind the question: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were just that easy to move away from a rotten situation in life and pick a good one instead? Our diet is a formidable place to start on improving how we feel, as Dr. Andrew Weil explains in Andrea Schensky Williams’ article, “America’s Evolution into Integrative Medicine,” on page 16. Continue reading